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Hospital Santander cafeteria

Started by Raksngbs, February 19, 2023, 03:32:38 PM

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    cafeteria In collaboration with the Government of Tamaulipas and the DIF System, Hospital Santander helps you go through the process of registering your baby's Mexican Birth Certificate before you leave our facilities.Hospital Santander provides this free and optional procedure to all babies born within its facilities. For this, parents must provide the following documentation when admitted or during stay:
    • Registration Request
    • Certificate of Live Birth
    • Official identification of the registering parents
    • Official identification of two adult witnesses
    • Marriage Certificate or Birth Certificates of the registrant parents
    The process established to carry out this procedure is as follows:
    • Parents give copies of their documentation to the Admission staff of Hospital Santander.
    In case of pre-admission, it will be delivered to the Hospital Services staff.
    • The Civil Registry Representative goes to Hospital Santander and collects the documentation provided by the parents.
    • The Civil Registry Representative checks the documentation and records the necessary information of the newborn at the Civil Registry Office.
    • The Civil Registry Representative returns to the Hospital Santander and delivers the Birth Certificate and CURP of the newborn.

    The process may vary due to specific conditions in which the birth occurs. If this is the case, the Civil Registry Representative will inform the parents if they need to go to the Civil Registry Office to continue the procedure.Frequently Asked Questions about PregnancyQ: I'm going to my first consultation. What can i expect?
    A: The first gynecological consultation will be the longest. It will do a general review of your state of health to know what condition you are in. He will also talk with you about your exercise and eating habits to make relevant recommendations.Q: How much folic acid should I take during pregnancy?
    A: Folic acid is essential since prenatal times to prevent spina bifida and other neural tube defects in the fetus. Based on the needs of your body and the baby, your doctor will give you the appropriate instructions.Q: Should I take vitamins or nutritional supplements during pregnancy?
    A: During pregnancy, you will need to continue taking that vitamin and ensure doses of vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium and iron. If you need to consume more, your doctor will give you the indication in consultation.P: Can I exercise during pregnancy?
    A: Unless your doctor indicates otherwise, you can perform moderate exercise. If you already had a routine, you will have to reduce the intensity as the pregnancy progresses.Q: How much weight will I gain during pregnancy?
    A: Normally, you will gain between 9 and 12 Kg.Q: Can I take sleeping pills if I have insomnia?
    A: It is contraindicated to take sleeping pills because they can cause serious harm to the baby. Try to relax to favor sleep: Do not drink coffee 6 hours before going to bed, drink warm milk, take a warm bath, and keep your room dark and quiet.Q: Is it safe to clean my cat's sand?
    A: Avoid dealing directly with your pets' feces during pregnancy to avoid the risk of toxoplasmosis infection.Q: When can I know the sex of my baby?
    A: During the second trimester of your pregnancy, you can discover the sex of your baby. Generally, between weeks 18 and 20.Q: Can I avoid nausea in any way?
    A: Nausea is a side effect of the hormonal changes in your body. Although they may be unavoidable, making small meals helps decrease nausea. If the discomfort persists after week 12, speak it in consultation.Q: I have too many headaches! What can I do?
    A: It is not common for a pregnant woman to suffer from migraines, so this could indicate that there is a blood pressure problem. Do not ingest pain relievers and go to your specialist for a review.Q: What foods should I avoid during pregnancy?
    A: All foods that are not well cooked should be avoided: Red meat and raw seafood, chocolate mousse, homemade ice cream, mayonnaise, and other products made with uncooked eggs..Q: What type of diet should I take during pregnancy?
    A: Avoid highly processed foods, rich in saturated fats, sugars and refined carbohydrates. Maintain a balanced diet of fresh and well balanced foods. And it is not necessary to "eat for two."Q: Since I am pregnant, I have constipation and more gas. What I can do?
    A: It is important that you drink water, follow a diet rich in vegetable fiber and walk daily. If your gynecologist sees it necessary, he can prescribe some mild laxative.Q: Is it unsafe to sleep on my back?
    A: Sleeping with a flat back can cause severe complications in the second and third trimesters because the growing uterus can press the vein that carries blood to the mother's heart; which can prevent the correct circulation towards the fetus and impact on its development.